Compensation Expert Witness

We do not specialize in serving as a professional witness but we do take on several cases a year when the issues appeal to us and when we feel we can add great value to the case. A compensation expert is often needed in wrongful termination cases, in divorce cases and for Intermediate Sanctions (IRC 4958) issues when dealing with the IRS on issues of Unreasonable Compensation.

Cases benefit greatly when an expert witness is used to advise the court and testify to a jury on a particularly specialized area of knowledge. In some of our recent cases we were able to clarify or quantify difficult issues to help our clients obtain positive resolutions.

We are also called on to testify in IRS disputes and in several cases we opined that the compensation paid to an owner was not unreasonable and should not be characterized by the IRS as a dividend rather than as compensation. We note that we do not take on every such case that comes our way; we look very carefully at the facts and circumstances before we commit to serving as an expert.

Divorce cases pose particular issues. Because all such cases are unique, we will be happy to discuss the case with a potential client facing divorce to see if we can help and, if not, perhaps make a referral to another resource.

LCI welcomes inquiries and always offers an honest assessment of our ability to represent a client's interest.

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